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Image Roofing is a locally trusted Georgia company. We've been serving Metro Atlanta, North GA, and Central GA for over 13 years, earning an A+ BBB Rating thanks to hundreds of satisfied customers. We are a Christian-owned, family small business located in Bartow County.
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1. When should I get a Roof Inspection?

You should contact Image Roofing for a free roof inspection if:

  • You have had a recent hail and high winds storm;
  • You can see missing or damaged shingles;
  • Your neighbors are getting their roof replaced;
  • You have interior leaks or water stains on ceiling or walls.

The purpose of a Roof Inspection is to detect early stages of storm damage on your roof before it turns into a major disaster requiring costly repairs. If you suspect any damage, it’s advisable to contact your team of experts at Image Roofing for a Free Roof Inspection as soon as possible in order to protect your investment, secure your family’s safety, and feel the undeniable peace of knowing you did the right thing at the right time. You will also increase your chances of your roof claim being approved.

All roofing shingles come with a manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.

Image Roofing provides a Labor Warranty of 10 years.

Image Roofing will provide you with a digital and a hard copy Estimate, and will go through every detail of the job scope and pricing with you.

Yes, we are licensed and properly insured.

We serve Atlanta Metro, North Georgia, and Central Georgia.

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Roof replacement typically takes between 1 to 2 days.


Image Roofing schedules the Roof Replacement based on a weather forecast analysis. In the event of a sudden change in the weather forecast, where inclement weather is of high probability, Image Roofing will call the homeowner to reschedule the Roof Replacement to another day.

After Roof Replacement is completed, crew will pick up their tools, dispose of debris in dumpster, let the homeowner know that they’re finished, and leave the property. The Image Roofing Inspector will arrive to do a complete last cleanup and use a magnet roller around the house.

Yes. We offer financing via Joist, using Acorn Finance, a marketplace of lenders that connects customers to lenders, to explore fast, easy, home improvement loan options, from $1,000 – $100,0000. You will find the financing link on your digital estimate contract.

When filing a claim that insurance companies consider an act of God, such as hail, wind, lightning, volcanic eruptions damage, your insurance premium will not increase.

If the claim is denied, the homeowner has the right to appeal the decision and file for re-inspection. Image Roofing will assist in the re-inspection filing process.

The day before the Roof Replacement the homeowner must follow these recommendations:


  • Move all vehicles away from the house.
  • Notify us of any valuable garden items -such as planters, and statues that need to be protected.
  • Notify us of flowers or shrubbery that need to be protected.
  • Notify Image Roofing of any items in the yard to be aware of during Roof Replacement.
  • Secure all pets. Close pet gates during Roof Replacement. Do not let pets go out unsupervised.
  • Ensure the roofing crew has access to the roof. Have all necessary gates unlocked and make sure there are no obstructions for ladders to gain access to the roof.
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